South Central Province Chapter of the Year 1963 & 1985.

Founders of Kappa Alpha Psi


Marcus Peter Blakemore 

Dr. Marcus Peter Blakemore (1889 - 1959) born 1889 in Franklin, Indiana. Upon graduating from high school in 1909 he entered the University of Indiana the following year. Pawned his watch to help pay the Incorporation fee for the Fraternity. After leaving school and enlisting in World War I he organized the Electric Engineering Company.

After his time in World War I he later attended Dental School at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon finishing school he then went and practiced Dentistry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Byron Kenneth Armstrong 

Dr. Byron Kenneth Armstrong (1890 - 1980) of Westfield, Indiana like Elder Watson Diggs transferred from Howard University to Indiana University in 1910. After graduating from Indiana University he went on to receive his Masters from Columbia University in 1914. He also served his country during World War I as an Investigator for the Department of Labor.

In 1935 he became the 6th BROTHER of Kappa Alpha Psi to receive the Fraternity's Laurel Wreath Award. In 1940 received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Michigan. An educator by profession he taught in Florida, Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma. He died June 28th 1980.


Henry T. Asher  Attorney Henry T. Asher (1892 - 1963) was born in Woodburn, Kentucky in 1982. Upon graduating from high school in 1910 he went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University in 1914. In 1915 he taught at the Lincoln Institute at Jefferson City, Missouri. Doing graduate work at the University of Minnesota in 1917 he later received his Law Degree in 1928 from Detroit College of Law. He died March 5th, 1963. 


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