South Central Province Chapter of the Year 1963 & 1985.

Reasons Why To Join Knoxville Alumni Chapter


1. South Central Province Chapter of the Year, 1963 and 1985.

2. We participate in the Martin Luther King Parade Celebration.

3. Through Healthy Kappa Initiative Health Fair put on yearly.

4. We participate in educational events and activities held at our Adopt A School Maynard Elementary.

5. We make it a point to fellowship with our Silhouettes attending area churches, concerts, plays, dances and other social gatherings.



What is covered in your dues;


A. Donations given annually to Knoxville College.

B. Donations given annually to the Love Kitchen.

C. Expenses for the annual Kook Out Held in August annually.
D. Emory Louis Carter Memorial Scholarships.


The Knoxville Alumni Chapter has 68 years of Achievement in support to our beloved Fraternity and the Knoxville Community. Come be apart of a proven tradition. We are constantly searching for better ways to improve our chapter. We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback in anyway you can share.



Eric Lattimore