South Central Province Chapter of the Year 1963 & 1985.

KNotable Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


There are thousand upon thousand KNotable Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Here is a list of just a few;



Johnnie Cochran Jr. Lawyer

Robert Johnson Founder of BET



Dr. Rev. Ralph Abernathy Civil Rights Leader and former President of the SCLC



Cedric "The Entertainer" Kyles Comedian

Max Banks played Goldie in the movie "The Mack"

Jester Harston played Rolly Forbes on "Amen"

Whitman Mayo played Grady on "Sanford and Son"

Earnest Thomas played Roger on "Whats Happening"



General Daniel "Chappie" James Jr., United States Air Force 1st Black General to wear 4 Stars in the U.S. Military

Lt. General Russell Davis 1st Black General to command the National Guard



Thomas Bradley former Mayor of Los Angeles, CA also served as Grand Polemarch of the Fraternity

John Conyers current US House of Representative from Michigan



Bernard Harris 1st Black Actronaut



Emmett Ashford 1st Black Umpire in Major League Baseball

Bill Russell Center for the Boston Celtics

Wilt Chamberlain "The Stilt" Center for the Los Angeles Lakers

Ocsar Robertson "The Big O" played with the Milwaukee Bucks

Arthur Ash Tennis Player

Allan Houston played at the University of TN Knoxville and later the New Yark Knicks

Colin Kaepernick Quarterback San Fransico 49ers

Mike Tomlin current Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Gale Sayers "The Kansas Coment" played with the Chicago Bears